A plant based protein that delivers

What makes our Plant Based Protein unique?

Clean Isolate

Up to 80% purity produced by a dry method. No chemicals used in our process. No washing out of nutrients.

Environmentally friendly

Very low water and electricity use. Virtually no waste water. Our faba beans help our growers’ farms to be more sustainable!

Mild Pleasant Taste!

No unpleasant after taste. No need for masking or flavouring

Economically priced

Low cost of production means more competitive pricing

Safe and healthy for human consumption

Low vicine/convicine faba beans are our raw feed stock.Completely safe for human consumption (no favism risk). Soy free, gluten free. Non GMO.
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How is Plant Based Protein made?

Fractionation is Protein Extraction

Fractionation is the process of separating most of the protein from most of the starch in grains.

You can’t separate them 100% but the higher percentage of protein that you can have in your protein concentrate, the more valuable it is.

2 Methods – Dry and Wet

   Dry is less expensive but usually low quality.

   Wet is high quality but very expensive

Faba Canada has developed a unique dry method that can hit very high purity. This is one of the only products in the world that is a drop-in replacement for soy protein.

Projected Market Growth

The functionalities of our product allow it to fit well into all of these categories.

One of the Most Successful New Crops in Canada

Faba beans: Faba canada has laid the foundation for this to be one of the most successful new crops in canada – farmers are excited to increase acres of this crop. One of the only pulse crops that can be successfully grown in the wetter parkland area. Greatest negative producer of greenhouse gases of any crop in western canada – fits very well into new government mandate for no2 reduction

The Solution

Faba Beans are the solution for major current environmental problems for canola farmers

They are resistant to soil diseases that are threatening canola and peas – big part of the solution in battling these diseases.

This is a key new crop for parkland (black soil zone) Farmers to add to their rotation to ensure long term sustainability.

Fabas do not require synthetic nitrogen because they create their own – they produce so much N that they leave significant amounts for subsequent crops.

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