Overseas Market

Western Canadian faba beans are unique and desirable in many overseas markets, including Egypt, South Korea and Vietnam!
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Global Opportunity

While markets for whole beans into the Egyptian food market, and the domestic hog feed market, have provided a good base for western Canadian faba beans, there are a lot more markets that we can access and build.  Faba Canada has identified a number of these opportunities and has been making strategic partnerships to develop them.

Connecting Growers and Buyers

Canadian fabas are getting a reputation for their uniqueness both in our domestic markets and overseas, in feed and food applications.  
Faba Canada, in conjunction with Proactive Producers Ltd. has not only worked on developing these markets, but also brokering our growers beans. We work closely with well over 100 faba growers in western Canada.  These growers represent a significant percentage of Canada's production.

Giving Buyers Access

Faba Canada provides a unique service for both Canadian faba bean growers and faba bean buyers.  We work with a large and growing number of faba growers in Saskatchewan and Alberta.  We collect samples right after harvest, get them graded and make them available to both domestic and international buyers.  We are able to help our growers find the best marketing opportunities for their beans and give buyers access to the quantity and quality of fabas that they are looking for.

Opening New Markets

Faba Canada is working with Pulse Canada and the Canadian government to open up market access to countries like Egypt and South Korea.  

FabaCanada is very proud to represent you, the western Canadian farmer, in building a relationship with our good friends in the Egyptian and South Korean markets, and other overseas markets, that should facilitate a prosperous and long lasting opportunity.
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